Naoshima Romance | Fragile life

This art collection is fully inspired by my infinite and unconditial love for Naoshima – Island of Art, Tadao Ando’s architecture, some exquisite contemporary art, nature, cosmos and weird ideas…

Ta panta rhei kai ouden menei.

Everything flows, nothing stays the same. Life is fragile, matter changes constantly. It can get fractured or damaged easily but most of the time it can be fixed or transformed into good. Everything passes and transforms. This concept appears in diverse philosophical systems all around the world and is probably one of my favorites. Nothing is constant at all. Unless you talk about the change. Brace it.

And what do YOU see? Are we infinite or fragile?

And yes, you are going to meet my favorite Interstellars here as well!

Get amazed!

Lee Ufan and Ando Tadao meet Maze Of Wonders.  What do you have in your shadow? Relatum-Shadow of Stone
Apr 2020, 100×80. Lee Ufan and Ando Tadao meet Maze Of Wonders. What do you have in your shadow? Relatum-Shadow of Stone

First artwork

If you have a chance, go and see this “room” yourself in Lee Ufan’s Museum in Naoshima… It’s amazing and very relaxing place. You can contemplate standing there and watching video shown in the shadow. My personal variation contains some reference. Do you remember Interstellars?

Apr 2020, 100×80. James Turrell and Tadao Ando meet Maze Of Wonders. Look up at the Open Sky

Second artwork

Night Program of James Turrell “Open Sky” in Chichu Art Museum located in Naoshima is wonderul. I encourage everyone who plans to visit that museum to book a seat for Friday or Saturday viewing. You can experience sunset and changing sky and room colors while seating in this minimalistic space with no real roof! Interstellars decided to try! What about you?

Apr 2020, 100×80. Yayoi Kusama meets Maze Of Wonders. Nothing is what it seems

Third artwork

Is a variation of Kusama Yayoi’s Pumpkins and some strange reality. While visiting Naoshima, you can see both Pumpkins. The yellow one is extremely popular and should be in the center of this painting but I decided to play and changed their locations. Can you find the yellow one? Moreover you may notice cosmic feelings which you can experience even in the most uncertain situation.