Into the Deep Universe

I have always been loving Universe, Cosmos, Outer Space, you name it (long before it was cool) and I can’t find any specific reason. I would say, I love it since I remember and that would be… the age of 8. Honestly, I don’t recollect any conscious thoughts before I was eight… but that’s not the focus now. Let’s get back on the track.

I feel deeply attached to that fairly unexplored space. Thus, I will explore it on my own and show my fifty versions of it.

If you like any of them, let me know through e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Fine Art America. There are plenty ways to reach me, right?

No matter where are you heading for I wish you hope and positive surprised.
Mar. 2019. Doko ni iku no? / Where are you heading for? No comment needed. I only wish your journey to be full of hope and positive surprises!