Here, at the beginning of the whole story, you will find three amazing interstellar characters, in other words Interstellars:



The Cat

and… scary zombies!

There will be many more in the future as the story develops~~

Her, Him and The Cat feel deeper and perceive reality as a whole. That’s how the world works for Interstellars. They might be like you or the opposite. They may need exactly what you need or something completely different. They speak without words. If words are needed you will notice, but who need words in 22nd century?

Just… use your brain (if you have it) or more specifically, your brain waves.

He is a different guy and has the whole Universe inside. Are you like him sometimes?
Dec. 2019, Him. Is he different? Guess. He has the whole Universe inside. He is not a regular guy… I am pretty sure that sometimes you are him. Maybe more often than that?
She doesn't fully understand humans. Maybe you will understand her?
Dec. 2019, Her. She is a complicated girl and doesn’t fully understand what all these humans are up to. Are you similar? Maybe you will understand her and get to like her! Does zombies’ shape remind you ofFF something?

I forgot to add… They have no plan to be likeable, by no means, and they are not sorry at all.

If you feel connected in any way, enjoy and follow their adventures!

Nature on Earth is beautiful!
Jan. 2020, Nature on Earth
Where Do We Come From?
Jan. 2020, Where Do We Come From?