8 Passion Project: Life

This project is about passion for LIFE. It took me a week of active work to have all these paintings finished. I felt passion and frustration at the same time with short time and lack of social life. Finally, when the project is finished I am much more socially active and happy to spend time with people! Most of the time humans make me exhausted and suck my energy out… unless I lack contact~~ Will be back at work soon, once my batteries are recharged.

Back to the project: initial idea was pretty different, theme wasn’t LIFE at all and visuals supposed to be more delicate and comic style but… I ended up with bold images, trying to present elements that don’t fit at the first sight. Or maybe they fit perfectly…

Life itself can be a passion, right? What do YOU think? What do you see in these eight paintings? Only what I suggest or something more?

The whole collection is available now at Displate! You can have any of these printed on metal. Check this out!

Passion for food and the number one is sushi
Jan 2020, Sushi Craze. Number one on the list is passion for food but the real number one is… sushi! No matter where you are~
Relaxation through meditation leads to passion
Jan. 2020, Relaxation Through Meditation. Meditation is one of the best ways to relax. Sit, feel your body and forget about everything. Stop your unnecessary thoughts… Relaxation by meditation is pure life!
Passion for coffee takes you straight to Heaven
Jan. 2020, Coffee Heaven. Life is better with coffee. No need for further explanation!
Passion depicted by nature of life in cosmos
Jan. 2020, Nature of Life. Nature is life in its most beautiful form. Nature is a celebration of life. In this configuration it offers infinite possibilities.
Kaonashi feels passion for creating universe
Jan. 2020, Kaonashi creating Universe. Creating is the most sophisticated form of living. Kaonashi had a trip to outer space and decided to change his life completely! Now he is full of optimism and loves to create new dimensions! As much as I do.
Carnal pleasure which means body and sex is pure passion
Jan. 2020, Carnal Pleasure. Life obviously cannot exist without sex. Human body may be a form of passion. Dive into this bodyscape!
Travelling by plane deep into the ocean is a passion
Jan. 2020, Travel. Do travel and passion have something in common? For sure. Live without travelling and excitement guaranteed by new adventures cannot be thrilling. What will be the next destination?
Edvard Munch Scream screams for art with passion!
Jan. 2020, Scream for Art. Contemporary, classic, ugly, perfect – art is inherent part of life. Can you live without it?