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Myself at Fondazione Prada 2019
Hello there! Doubled at Fondazione Prada, July 2019. Choose wisely.

My name is Aleksandra and I want to take you for a trip to my brain’s interior (aka Maze), full of wonders. I am a girl who wants to make this world a better place with her art and books. I want to inspire people, to help them become more positive and open-minded. I am greatly inspired by Asian culture and philosophy. I am educated in (not only) Japanese culture and language. Surprise, surprise, I love Japan a lot (and other countries too)! In general travelling is my passion. Can’t wait for my next trip!

Moreover, I love night sky and daydreaming. I believe that quantum energy is a huge power. There is no coincidence at all!


What is ART?

What does ART mean nowadays? Is there any meaning at all?

It’s not going to be cutting-edge statement but for me personally the Earth without ART is just EH. I have been loving art since childhood. I was dreaming about becoming an artist one day. I just loved to draw and paint but for diverse reasons I gave up on that in the high school. My skills stayed there and… Yes, I got back to it after 10 years in 2018 and I want to continue for the next 100!

Contemporary art tends to shock us and bring our deepest emotions right in our faces. These emotions are often unpleasant and distrurbing. If you are here for a reason (no coincidence) I am sure you have seen such disturbing art exhibition or performance at least once in your lifetime. How did you feel? Energized? Excited? Nervous? Depressed?

Yes, art is a medium to tell a story, any story – both the worst and saddest and the most positive and comforting one. Depending on… artist’s:

  • intention
  • experiences
  • emotions during creating
  • randomness

How can you interpret art? By trusting your gut or… searching for artist’s interpretation if there is any. Don’t forget about FUN!

Me in ART

I have seen a lot of contemporary art during my travels, contact with artists and private research. I know recent trends. I came up with not so surprising conclusion that the majority of art is depressive and pessimistic. Why? Cause we all struggle? Maybe. Every next super popular piece of art just wants to shock us. In what way? It depends but sometimes in a senseless one. I see no value in that.

What is innovative these times? Going with the flow, with this constant, never ending trend of being pessimistic and showing off your inner problems and mental disturbances? Not necessarily.

We all are plunging in that. Are such influences valuable or maybe simply destructive to us?

You have the answer inside. 

I want to be different and offer you a different perspective. I want to create uplifting pieces and comforting stories. Of course I want to be honest, so do not expect rainbows and unicorns 100% of the time. I have a huge glade of self and life reflection in the Maze and because of that you will experience diverse emotions here. I don’t want to feed you with my inner struggles though. I want to keep you awake but not disgusted. Don’t sleep. Think and analyze your surroundings and the world itself and when you feel down, look for a ray of hope in my art!


I just want to make our Earth and your life (possibly) less EH.


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