Initially Maze Of Wonders supposed to be “reading website” or blog, you name it. I decided to change the form but didn’t want to get rid of what has already been published. That’s why you can still read my stories here. Everything is in Polish since I love writing in my native language. It’s very complex and lets me compose vivid stories. I enjoy creating my own words as well. Regardless of my love for English, it’s not as epic and extraordinary as Polish. Maybe I will translate part of my posts to English in the future but as of now I let them stay as they are.

If you understand Polish, enjoy the content here, at Paths of Inspiration!

Considering my life path Maze Of Wonders needed to naturally evolve into personal brand website, more than a typical blog. From now on I will mainly publish in English to make sure, wherever you are, you understand. Moreover, I will speak in the universal language of ART because art is everything to me. From now on I will mainly focus on it.

Besides, I want you to FEEL in times of indifference.

Hope you will stay with me and get amazed!